26 - 28 March, 2018 | Australia

Shane Gandy

Director Identity Management at the Information Technology Directorate
NSW Department of Education

1:50 PM CASE STUDY: The NSW Department of Education’s Identity Platform: Enriching Student Learning and Growth with Innovative Technology, Anywhere, Anytime

The NSW Department of Education technology environment has been ranked as one of the largest and most comprehensive in Australia, supporting more than 127,000 employees, 1.2 million students and 400,000 computing devices in 2,500 locations across the state. By 2030 the school population is forecast to grow by more than 175,000 students.

  • Providing staff and students with a safe, managed environment in which they can learn collaboratively and accessing innovative contemporary digital resources that enhance classroom learning.
  • Providing students of rural, remote and disadvantaged communities with virtual learning environments that enables them to connect with resources outside their community which provides enhanced teaching, student understanding and engagement.
  • Ensuring data security and privacy of staff, students, parents and other stakeholders.
  • Maximizing the benefits from the modernisation of administrative, information and learning management systems.

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