View Final Program - Digital Identity 2018

There is a lot of investment going into digital platforms in Australia. For example, the Govpass initiative was given AU$22.7 million from the 2017-18 federal Budget to complete its next stage of development. When there is $11 billion worth of economic opportunities per annum for digital identity, it’s important for the public and private sectors to collaborate so that Australia can not only build cyber fraud resilience but also improve service delivery by investing in innovative digital identity technologies and systems.

Why Attend Digital ID 2018?

  • The event is Co-Located with Digital Disruption 
  • Meet a Large Diversity of Attendees from Finance, Federal & State Government, National Organisations, Retail and Utilities
  • An International Case Study from the United Kingdom providing Key Insights into Digital Platforms from Abroad
  • Three Expert-Led Workshops on creating customer-centric digital services, protecting digital identity platforms, and employing key learning outcomes from overseas case studies

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