26 - 28 March, 2018 | Australia

Nissanka Janaratne

Digital Advisory and Transformation

11:20 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Finding the Right Balance Between Security and Streamlined Digital Identity Platforms

Improving digital identity management requires the streamlining of technology platforms to reduce customer data duplication and improve fraud detection. However, the greatest threat to identity fraud is an internal threat, and so the segregation of duties is usually implemented in order to prevent people from accessing other’s identity. This panel will discuss finding the right balance between the two needs:

  • Creating a cross company strategy on identity to ensure a company-wide model of compliance
  • The value of segregating duties to prevent employees from internally accessing digital identities
  • The future of industry practice: being proactive about streamlined platforms to prevent fraud

12:00 PM The Importance of Digital ID for Building Banks of the Future to Foster Financial Inclusion

World Bank estimates 1.1 billion people lack formal identification. Digital identity and access systems are key to unlocking a range of basic and empowering services for individuals for financial inclusion, healthcare and education to foster economic prosperity and improved living standards.

  • The Current ID2020 and ID4D initiatives from world bank and world economic forum
  • Work towards overcoming shared challenges for a universal digital ID for everyone. Currently there 2.5 billion adults in the world who do not have a bank account or use formal financial services
  • Using these new platforms to assist in relieving poverty

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