The Top Trends Shaping Digital Identity in 2018 & How to Take Advantage of Them

Digital identity is well and truly established as one of the most significant technology trends on the planet, with Digital Transformation Agency Chief, Gavin Slater, listing it as a priority growth area for Australia. Indeed, for a growing number of public stakeholders and citizens, it's already a day-to-day reality.

However, with 5% of Australian’s experiencing financial loss due to identity crime at a combined cost of some $2.2 per year, the need for the private and public sector to collaborate and develop innovative solutions and uses to better manage digital identity has never been more important.

Ahead of the Digital Identity Summit 2018 we explore some of the top digital identity trends Australian organisations are using to not only build cyber fraud resilience, but also improve service delivery by investing in innovative digital identity technologies and systems.

A Frictionless Future for Identity Management

A Frictionless Future for Identity Management

Ahead of the Digital Identity Summit 2018 we take a look at this whitepaper by Australia Post Government & Solutions. This report shares key findings from research undertaken by Australia Post and Boston Consulting Group and explores how we can make every digital interaction safer and simpler for Australians while simultaneously unlocking up to $11 billion in economic value for the Australian economy.