Building Cyber Fraud Resilience and Improving Service Delivery through Innovative Digital Identity Technologies and Systems

The only event dedicated to specifically focussing on the challenges and opportunities of Digital Identity in the Australian Market

4-5% of Australians experience financial loss due to identity crime, and it’s estimated the total direct and indirect cost of identity crime in Australia is $2.2 billion. In response to this pressure, the new Digital Transformation Agency Chief, Gavin Slater, lists Digital Identity as one of its top priorities. As Australian’s become more connected through mobile devices government agencies, financial services and retail have become more determined to provide services online. When there is $11 billion worth of economic opportunities per annum for digital identity, it’s important to ask the question:

How can public and private services protect, develop and innovate digital identity in Australia?

With this in mind, IQPC proudly presents the Digital Identity Summit for 2018. Set from 26-28 March in Sydney, this event will bring together senior managers, thought leaders and experts involved in the protection, innovation and exploration of identity platforms. Join us to discuss how Australia can not only build cyber fraud resilience but also improve service delivery by investing in innovative digital identity technologies and systems.

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The Power of Digital ID Platforms

Businesses and the Public Sector Alike Have the Power to Reduce the Cost of

Customer Service Expenses by $2 billion

Identity Fraud by $2 billion

Improve and secure customer transactions by $4 billion

Save time verifying identity by $3 billion

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What You Can Expect at Digital ID 2018


Blockchain Solutions Applications


Leveraging biometric technology


Proliferating opt-In digital identity frameworks


Utilising big data for AI


National Identity solutions


Cross-Agency and Cross-sector collaboration

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